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Industry Markets

SME is currently or has been involved with the following key markets.

  • Cellular Towers

  • Construction Surveying

  • Drainage Studies

  • Environmental

  • Fiber Optic Long Line and Loops

  • Hospital and Commercial Buildings

  • Inventories

  • Land Surveys (including residential)

  • Spill Prevention Plans

  • Super-Fund Cleanup sites

  • Subdivisions

  • Substations

  • Title Surveys (including residential)

  • Transmission Lines

  • Transportation

  • Wind Farms - alternate energy sources

Ongoing Projects  

Some of the current projects that SME is working on include the following.

Project Name  Location
Buffalo Gap 3 Wind Farm Nolan County, Texas
Buffalo Gap 4 Wind Farm Nolan County, Texas
Champion Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 126 MW) Nolan & Mitchell County, Texas
Inadale Wind Farm Nolan County, Texas
Pyron Wind Farm Nolan, Fisher & Scurry County, Texas
Roscoe Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 209 MW) Nolan & Mitchell County, Texas
South Trent Wind Farm  Nolan & Taylor County, Texas
Sand Bluff Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 90 MW) Sterling County, Texas
Subdivision Sweetwater, TX
Residential Title Surveys Texas
Property Boundary Surveys Texas

Client References 

This section contains a sample of past projects / clients.

Client / Project Name Location Year
AES / Buffalo Gap 2 Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 232 MW) Buffalo Gap, TX 2007
Runnels Street Civil Design Sweetwater, TX 2007
Buzzi Unicem / Carbon Black Unloading Station Maryneal, TX 2006
Texas Savings Bank Civil Design Snyder, TX 2006
Airtricity / Forest Creek Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 124 MW) Sterling County, TX 2006
Nolan County Coliseum Improvement Sweetwater, TX 2005
AEP / Trent Wind Farm (Installed Capacity: 150 MW) Trent, TX


Sun-Electric Odessa, TX  
GE Wind Energy Tehachapi, CA  
Third Planet Texas  
Mitchell County Hospital District Colorado City, TX 2004
Texas State Technical College Sweetwater, Texas  
U.S. Gypsum (USG) Sweetwater, Texas  
Georgia Pacific Co. (GP Gypsum)  Sweetwater and Acme, Texas  
National Gypsum  Rotan, Texas  
Lone Star Industries (Cement) Maryneal, Texas  

Parsons Brinkenoff Telecommunications, Inc. (PBTI) 

Dallas, TX  
Thomas Hoover Engineers Euless, Texas  
Geraghty & Miller Midland, Texas  
Lone Wolf Resources  Colorado City, TX  
City of Sweetwater Sweetwater, Texas  
National Railcar Roscoe, TX  
Southwestern Bell    
MCI / World Com    
Western Wireless (Cellular One) Midland, Texas  

For specific client reference information, contact Stanley Morris at 325-235-8616.

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